Latest Heritage Number: Jacob Butterfield (#1274)

Heritage Number #1274 – Jacob Butterfield
Debut: 2/1/2019 v Wycombe Wanderers

The five players to have immediately preceded Butterfield:

#1273 – Callum Woods
Debut: 26/1/2019 v Burton Albion

#1272 – Jermaine Anderson
Debut: 19/1/2019 v Southend United

#1271 – Paudie O’Connor
Debut: 12/1/2019 v Barnsley

#1270 – Karl Henry
Debut: 24/11/2018 v Oxford United

#1269 – Paul Caddis
Debut: 17/11/2018 v Peterborough United

Image (c) Bradford City

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